We succeed in marketing activities from entering a new market to participating in industry exhibitions, thanks to original, differentiated marketing approaches.
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We offer business development services that generate real income by leveraging opportunities to interact with key partners and clients in local and international markets.
Searching buyers of goods/services
Forming relationships with potential partners and clients
Searching business partners and clients
Business diversification of activities, which may lead to the emergence of new business
Hosting and arranging networking, congress and exhibition events
Leveraging networks of clients and partners

We believe that a combination of creativity and an eye for detail is the key to effective marketing


Our business development consultants will help with developing possible scenarios for the development of the Customer’s production on the territory of the Russian Federation

Situation analysis focused on the key environmental factors that affect the Customer’s production activities

Formation of hypotheses for the main influencing factors, considering both the current situation and possible changes of an economic and political nature in the Russian Federation

Formation of a set of alternative options (at least three) for the future development of the Customer's production on the territory of the Russian Federation; drawing up alternative strategic concepts for each scenario option.

Together with key employees, the strategic goals of the company for 3-5 years are determined and functional strategies are developed to achieve the goals of the company.


Formulated company’s goals
A vision of the company’s prospects agreed between the owners and the top managers
A company’s development program that matches its internal resources and market opportunities
Functional strategies of divisions to achieve the goals of the company
Managers’ work plans within the general strategic goals of the company
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Free consultation
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