localization plan

Comprehensive plan for the localization of technology in Russia

For the successful implementation of the localization process, it is necessary to go through the following stages, which will contribute to the maximum efficiency of the development of production and sales of products, both in production and value terms:

1. Review and assessment of the industry market.
At this stage, it is planned to conduct a general review of the market; research of the potential and direction of development of the industry; assessment of market capacity with the definition of demand by industry and large investment projects; market research and competitive environment, determination of the current positioning of the enterprise; assessment of consumers and their business reputation; review of the procurement plan and rules for national projects of the Russian Federation.

2. Studying the normative regulation of the import substitution policy in the Russian Federation, assessing its impact on industrial production.
At this stage, it is necessary to determine a complete list of regulations affecting products; analysis of individual directions of state regulation and a set of measures for the development of import substitution in the industry; assessment of acceptance criteria; assessment of control mechanisms for compliance with the requirements of regulatory legal acts; determination of trends and options for the development of import substitution policy in the Russian Federation, assessment of the impact on the client’s business processes; features of participation in the procurement of foreign goods.

3. Research of corporate and local requirements of import substitution of the largest consumers of products, assessment of their impact on the development of the Customer’s sales.
The content of the section is an assessment of the requirements for import substitution of at least four largest consumers of products (determined by the results of a market assessment); formation of a register of compliance / non-compliance with the requirements of the Customer’s products; development of recommendations to eliminate the identified deficiencies.

4. Assessment of the feasibility and prospects of localizing the production of the Customer in the Russian Federation.
Study of the legal regulation of the localization process in the Russian Federation, possible measures of state support (special investment contract; review of preferences for residents of special economic zones of industrial and production type; benefits of priority development territories; soft loans from an industrial enterprise). Development Fund, etc.); determination of the optimal organizational and legal form of an enterprise for localization; determination of the optimal production site and selection of potential technology partners for the development of joint localization projects; review of tariff and customs regulation of the import of components for the production of products in the Russian Federation.

5. Development of possible scenarios for the development of the Customer’s production on the territory of the Russian Federation.
This stage implies an analysis of the real situation and the key environmental factors affecting the production activities of the Customer; the formation of hypotheses on the main influencing factors, taking into account both the current situation and possible changes of an economic and political nature in the Russian Federation from the point of view of the market; formation of a set of alternative options (at least three) for the further development of the Customer’s production on the territory of the Russian Federation; drawing up alternative strategic concepts for each scenario option.

6. Development of a strategy for the Customer to enter the Russian market as a localized manufacturer, depending on the chosen development scenario.
Section content — summarizing the results of sections 1-5; determination and selection of a suitable strategy for the Customer to enter the domestic market as a localized manufacturer, taking into account compliance with the requirements of the regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation, including the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation dated July 17, 2015 No. 719 «On approval of industrial production in the Russian Federation.»

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