Marketing research is a kind of in-depth analytical report on a specific topic related to the Russian industrial sector. We offer a wide range of analytical and consulting services, acting as a real supermarket for marketing research in the industry of the Russian Federation.

market analysis

Market analysis of Russian shipbuilding as of 2021​

    The market analysis lists the most significant achievements of the Russian shipbuilding industry in 2020. This research of the shipbuilding market, including the distribution of shipbuilding capacity, was carried out as of 2021. The forecast of demand with an indication of the date of delivery of objects is given for the period up to 2035.

Research includes:

Overview of the current state of shipbuilding capacities, the workload of enterprises, ongoing projects and ships planned for construction;

Analysis of promising sites for the localization of shipbuilding products in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Forecast of total demand for civil ships, ship equipment and components;

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    The market research was prepared by the Autonomous Non-Commercial Organisation for shipbuilding industry development Consortium of Ship Equipment Manufacturers (ANO Sudprom) with the participation of the International Exhibition and Conference NEVA and Vector Marketing.

    The report is intended for Russian and foreign industrial enterprises of the shipbuilding industry interested in entering the Russian shipbuilding market, cooperation and localization of shipbuilding products on the territory of the Russian Federation. The research can be used for marketing and strategic planning, as well as the search for new clients and partners among Russian enterprises.

Advantages of working with Technologies Localization Center

    Taking into account the specialized professional training of TLC specialists, as well as their experience of work in industrial companies, all the data obtained is necessarily supported by an expert assessment on all of the above issues, since this information is not always publicly available.

    Our services include both general and individual research, tailored as much as possible to the business needs of a particular client.

    Regular research, concentration on a specific market for several years allows you to track the development of the market in dynamics and provides a comprehensive and objective view of the market.

Our principles when conducting research:


The widest possible sample of research and support base


Competent processing of information


Data validation


Efficiency and strict adherence to deadlines


Highly qualified analysts

skhema podtverzhdeniya

Ethics and transparency

rynok sbyta

Unique databases

oformlenie dokumentov

Compliance with legislation

    We have developed our own effective methods for collecting, processing and analyzing statistical data; we are constantly adjusting and improving them. The methods are based on the recommendations of international and Russian research associations.

    We work quickly and efficiently, ready to meet our clients on time. We always comply with the terms of the contract; if necessary, we connect additional specialists to the project.

The work of TLC is organized at a high professional level, we promptly respond to any requests from customers and partners. Our projects and market analysis have become a powerful incentive for effective decision-making for many of our clients.

What is included in the market research?

Each study of the industrial sector is a whole unified system of interrelated indicators.
  1. Industry market as a whole: structure, segmentation by product, price, etc.;
  2. Quantitative indicators: volume, capacity, industry/market growth rates;
  3. The foreign economic activity of industry/market participants;
  4. Sectoral legislation;
  5. Profiles of the largest players in the industry/market, comparing them by key indicators, trends and areas of competition;
  6. Consumers of industrial / market products;
  7. Factors contributing to the development of the industry;
  8. Restrictions, risk analysis;
  9. Investment attractiveness, market trends, etc.

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Researching the Russian market

    In recent years, strong industrial growth in the Russian Federation has led to the emergence of many new industries and entire markets. Modern equipment and technologies, raw materials and materials for industrial production, investment projects — all this is rapidly changing and developing.

    Industry research is an integral part of forming the strategy of any industrial company, no matter what market it operates in or what niche it plans to start its business in.

    Without assessing the main economic, legal and other characteristics of the industry, the level of competition and the driving forces behind its development, it is impossible to determine the potential business opportunities.

Number of vessels planned for construction through 2035
Number of vessels planned for construction through 2035

    Our team systematically monitors the situation in selected sectors and researches sectors of the economy and markets. During this tenure, we have accumulated extensive research and consulting experience.

    Regular sectoral studies cover, first, key areas for the Russian economy, such as mechanical engineering, oil and gas industry, instrument making, radio electronics, energy, agro-industrial complex, construction and development of infrastructure, and others. As a result, several industries have become the main markets that we are constantly exploring.

    Understanding the Russian industrial market is a great contribution to the development of your company in this area. Studying the market is very important for a foreign company if you are interested in the Russian market. However, before deciding to enter a business in such a market, you may need much more information. Therefore, the services we provide for in-depth market analysis can be very helpful. Comprehensive marketing research will help you effectively adapt to the new market for your product and unfamiliar external conditions.

Market analysis of Russian shipbuilding as of 2021​​
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