TLC provides legal consulting, which includes a whole range of services: the application of legislation to the development of a strategy of behaviour in certain situations.
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We have extensive experience of interaction with federal executive bodies of the Russian Federation. TLC employees are former civil servants and have work experience in the federal Ministries and other government organizations that shape the country’s political agenda.
We provide the following government relations services at all levels of government:
  • building and maintaining interaction with public authorities at the federal, regional and local levels
  • deep understanding of current political industry trends
  • research and analysis of public policy
  • participation in lawmaking and the development of draft regulatory legal acts
  • experience in support of participation in public procurement and the conclusion of contracts


Russian state bodies and organizations with state participation work according to an effective vertically integrated procurement system. Main principles:

  1. Fair tenders
  2. Openness and transparency
  3. The law at the head
  4. Equal and open access for bidders
Procurement system now:
  • efficiently and honestly spends financial resources
  • delivers products and services on time and in full
  • determines the appropriate price and quality for safe and reliable operation
The main legal regulatory documents regulating procurement activities are:
Federal Law No. 223-FZ of July 18, 2011 «On Procurement of Goods, Works and Services by Certain Types of Legal Entities»
Federal Law No. 44-FZ of 1 January 2014 «On the contract system in state and municipal procurement of goods, works and services»
We help you comply with the requirements of legal regulations so that you can participate in public procurement.


Our team has unique capabilities and experience to help you obtain all the necessary permits and opinions to enter the Russian market:

Market analysis

Import of products to the Russian Federation implies mandatory compliance with the requirements of national legislation, approved standards and certification, as well as obtaining many special permits provided for by law.
Industrial projects

To implement any industrial project in Russia, it is important to consider the necessity of obtaining a number of permits and certifications for construction, engineering and other technical activities. For example, a large investment project may require about 500 documents from various authorities. Our experts are ready to help in this painstaking business.

In addition, we will assist in entering the Russian and international markets through certification according to national and international standards.


Determination of a complete list of regulatory legal acts affecting production
Analysis of certain directions of state policy and a set of measures for the implementation of the import substitution policy
Assessment of criteria and mechanisms for monitoring compliance with the requirements of national legislation
rynok sbyta
Identification of trends in possible directions of development of the industrial policy of the Russian Federation, assessment of the possible impact on the customer's production
oformlenie dokumentov
Regulation of the participation of foreign products in public procurement
skhema podtverzhdeniya
Legal support of foreign investment projects in Russia
Other corporate matters
Working with complex projects, we take full advantage of our highly professional and experienced team to provide comprehensive legal support, achieve specific project requirements and maximum results.


Advice in the capital market, intellectual property, taxation, real estate and so on.
Consultations and solutions in the commercial and economic sphere, law support (including the field of corporate law).
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