TLC is ready to help you conduct marketing research of varying complexity depending on your strategic and tactical goals and objectives
Market analysis


A thorough and timely market research significantly reduces the uncertainty in strategic decision making, which allows you to effectively distribute the economic potential to ensure high performance and achieve new heights in business!

Conducting market research will help a company understand

Quantitative and qualitative market indicators
Industry regulations
Barriers to market entry
General economic environment


For any company striving for success, as well as for the effective implementation of any business idea, comprehensive market research is of paramount importance. Market analysis is both the beginning and the logical conclusion of any important cycle of its commercial and production activities.

Market analysis

  • Overview of the potential of the market segment, its size and an assessment of consumption volumes
  • Research of the potential and directions of industry development
  • Assessment of market capacity with the definition of demand by industry and large investment projects
  • Research of the sales market and the competitive environment
  • Determination of the current positioning of the enterprise


  • Customer business market research
  • Overview of the main consumers, policies, procedures, accreditation and certification requirements


  • Competitors market research
  • Overview of market competition, product specifications and price analysis


  • Recommendations for adjusting or developing a marketing strategy, with sound proposals for business development
  • Recommendations and suggestions for optimal strategies for localization and marketing (business development), including risk management
By conducting a detailed market analysis, you will be able to prepare an effective business development strategy.

TLC specialists will provide qualified support and services for your project at the difficult stages of its implementation:

They will help to localize production
Better understand your consumer
Established competitive prices for products
Make changes to the product
Optimized promotion channels
Organized an efficient sales process
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