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Preparation of a project from the project documentation development to the object commissioning requires the effective work of many specialists who work in a close-knit team.
The success of construction projects depends on the quality of planning and management. The management of such projects requires competence in such areas as:
Engineering and construction
Materials engineering
Legal, economic issues
The ability to apply new technologies.


We assume all responsibilities related to the project development, the study of all influencing variables of expertise, compliance with legal requirements, and engineering supervision.

Our specialists are responsible for banking, business partners matchmaking, the conclusion of contracts and transactions.

We monitor the compliance of contractors with all the necessary standards of labour protection and the environmental safety of production. Our clients receive detailed monthly reports on the work carried out.

We prepare reports following high corporate quality standards, which allows customers to easily navigate the steps of project implementation.

We conduct a comprehensive assessment of possible actions, which allows us to make the right decisions together.


Disciplining the contractor
Checking hidden works, volumes, timeliness and technology compliance
Keeping records of volumes and check the executive documentation
Monitoring the quality by checking the quality of materials, passports and certificates and informing the customer about any discrepancy
Maintaining safety and monitor compliance with safety regulations
Providing regular reports
Carrying out control checks
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